WHY I SAY NO TO BATH WASH AND CREAMS, advised for eczema.

We have been advises by doctors and allergy specialists to use a particular bath wash and moisturiser for Lakyn's eczema.

 But as I do, I research everything, ingredients and the effects they cause.

I then decide if i want to use the product or not.

Now I am not about naming and shaming so wont put the names of the products. I would rather bring awareness and share what I have found.

This is where it all started, the reason I now question everything I'm told, the reason I will research and decide for myself if I will use a product on myself and my children. 

Just a few of the ingredients we found in the products recommended to use in Lakyn's bath and on his skin and the effects they may cause. 


- may irritate sensitive skin

- not assessed for safety in cosmetics

Aminomethyl propanol

- classified as an irritant,

- wildlife and environmental toxicity


- contact dermatitis,

- interferes with gene expression,

- skin irritation,

- suspected endocrine disruption symptoms,

- skin ailments, eczema, dermatitis, itching, hives, rash etc.


- contacts dermatitis,

- suspected endocrine disruption,

- suspected skin or sense organ toxicity symptoms,

- skin ailments, eczema, dermatitis, itching, hives, rash.

Tell me why anyone would recommend this to someone with eczema??

It makes me angry and I sure know now that I will never use this in my child's bath, or on his skin.

I will never buy this product and will make people aware of what I have found along the way.

None of the ingredients are natural. NONE!!!

This was the turning point for me and the start of a very long journey to find or make a bath wash and cream the was all natural that worked for us.

Ali xx


Check out the amazing Chemical Maze Site and download the app so you to can look at ingredients. https://chemicalmaze.com