Hey I'm Ali Anderson and taming our Itchy Monster, Lakyn's Eczema naturally has changed our lives forever, he is our inspiration and motivation to help as many other parents and children struggling day to day with the horrible reality of Eczema.

Lakyn also has a food allergy to egg and suffered not only from Eczema but Asthma and Food Intolerances. We have helped him heal naturally with whole foods, gut health and healing using natural products only. 

He is now thriving and free from Eczema, Asthma and Food Intolerances. He is such a happy itch free boy now and we are so grateful we went on the difficult journey to help him. 

Please share our journey with anyone you know who is suffering with Eczema, Asthma and/or Food Intolerances and lets help spread the word on the amazing benefits of whole foods and healing.

If we can help just one person struggling along the way it will all be worth it.